Best Azamethiphos Insecticide Suppliers

January 08,2021

2020 was tough for every industry due to the covid-19 burst, which influence azamethiphos insecticide products deeply, because we are limited in going outside. However, Ningbo Lucky Cgenucal Industry has never low the control of the quality of azamethiphos insecticide products. Fortunately, the toughest period passed, we will pay more attention on the chemistal industry. If you are searching for azamethiphos insecticide suppliers in China, we are your best choices.

What is azamethiphos insecticide?

Azamethiphos is actually an organophosphorus pesticide which acts through restraint of cholinesterase activity. In vet medicine, it is used in fish farming to control external bloodsuckers of the Atlantic Salmon. The treatment fee for this usage is actually 0.1 to 0.2 mg/litre as a shower procedure.

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Why choose Ningbo Lucky as azamethiphos insecticide supplier?

One of leading suppliers of Non-ionic surfactants located in Ningbo, the newly sprouted base for petrochemical industry and main seaport in China. We are professional in the researching, developing, producing, and marketing of Nonionic Surfactants and Technical Auxiliaries including azamethiphos insecticide. 

One of the largest EO/PO derivatives research and development centers and production bases in China, its present annual production capacity is 60,000MT, among TOP 500 enterprises in Chinese chemical industry. It is wise for you to choose us to supply the azamethiphos insecticide for you. The main production is Lexxiso types(Isomeric alcohol ethylates), Isopropanolamine types, etc. more than 30 types, cover more than 100 products, widely used in Textile, Detergents and Cleaners, Metalwork, Feather, Paper-making, Concrete, Rubber, etc. 

More than 50 professional technicians with well-established labs, and have close cooperative relationships with famous universities and institutes in azamethipos insecticide in China. We can design and produce the products of many other EO/PO derivatives according to the requirements of customers. 

Looking for the supplier producing azamethiphos insecticide with high quality , please feel free contact us Thanks. Choose us, you will love our service and products.

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