Common misunderstandings while using aquaculture medicine --- Taking salmosan azamethiphos as an example 

September 28,2021

At present, aquaculture diseases show a trend of frequent occurrence and diversification. Farmers often use salmosan azamethiphos incorrectly due to lack of scientific and standardized medication knowledge. As a result, not only the disease prevention and control are delayed, but the breeding cost is also increased. The specific points are as follows:



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👇Misunderstanding one:


Medication after the spreading of illness. Because aquatic animals grow in a specific water environment, symptoms are often not obvious and difficult to find in the early stage of infection with sea lice. Even if you take salmosan azamethiphos when you find a disease, although it can have a little effect, it can't reach the effective concentration of the drug. Therefore, the medicinal effect is extremely poor, and the loss is irreparable. Therefore, daily prevention is also very important.


👇Misunderstanding two:


Long-term use of the same medicine. During the breeding process, the same kind of disease prevention and control process often uses the same medicine, such as the salmosan azamethiphos used in the treatment of sea lice. But its effect is often greatly reduced. The reason is that due to the long-term use of the same drug, the pathogenic bacteria have drug resistance or drug resistance, thereby reducing the drug effect. Therefore, it is best to achieve rotation or mixed use of various effective drugs.


👇Misunderstanding three:


Change the dosage at will. In the process of salmon disease prevention and control, farmers often increase the amount of salmosan azamethiphos in order to improve the efficacy of the medicine and quickly remove sea lice. In fact, this is harmful to fish. You should know that the usage and dosage of various drugs are the results of many trials and studies, not random. If the dosage is too large, it will not only increase the cost, but sometimes also cause phytotoxicity, and at the same time, it is easy to produce drug resistance, which will bring difficulties to the next medication. Therefore, appropriate medication should be used.


👇Misunderstanding four:


Use the medicine at any time regardless of time or weather. After an aquaculture animal becomes ill, farmers are often anxious. After buying the medicine, they will take the medicine immediately regardless of time and weather conditions. They think that the earlier they take medicine, the earlier salon gets well, unfortunately the result is often not achieved. This is because of the effect of the use of salmosan azamethiphos is closely related to many factors such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen, light, and organic content. When the water temperature is high, the dissolved oxygen is rich, and the light is strong, it can speed up the onset and increase the effectiveness of the medicine, reduce the side effects of the medicine, and vice versa. Therefore, the correct medication time should be in the afternoon on a sunny day.


Final words


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