Common misunderstandings while using aquaculture medicine --- Taking salmosan azamethiphos as an example (continued)

September 29,2021

In the previous blog, we discussed 4 common misunderstandings in aquaculture, such as salmon. Today, we continue to discuss another 4 common misconceptions about using salmosan azamethiphos, let's get started!



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👇Misunderstanding one:


Imitate others blindly. Although many farmers realize the importance of disease prevention, they do not know how to prevent, what medicine to use, when to use the medicine, and how to use the medicine. In particular, some farmers who have just been engaged in salmon farming often blindly imitate others due to lack of experience. For example, others use salmosan azamethiphos and I will also use it, which results in a lack of pertinence and accuracy, and the result is counterproductive.


👇Misunderstanding two:


No prevention. The water environment is a more complex ecosystem. The occurrence of diseases of aquatic animals is also caused by many factors. Therefore, the basic mechanism of disease prevention is to improve water quality or water environment, inhibit the growth of pathogens, and improve the immunity of aquatic animals. If the problem is only solved before treatment, the disease cannot be controlled from the source, and it is difficult to solve the actual problem. The correct way is to take comprehensive measures to carry out scientific prevention based on the growth characteristics of various pathogenic factors, including clearing ponds, disinfecting fish species, and improving and maintaining water quality, feeding and improving nutrition, scientifically using microecological preparations, and etc.


👇Misunderstanding three:


The medication was discontinued without healing. Many farmers think that the symptoms don’t respond after taking the medicine, or the cure effect is not good, and they stop the medicine without authorization to save money, and leave it alone, resulting in greater losses. The occurrence and development of diseases in aquaculture animals is a dynamic process, which generally goes through a process such as an occurrence period, a plateau period, a peak period, a decline period, and a cure period. The effect of the drug only speeds up this process, rather than changing this process or this law. There is no medicine that can cure everything. Therefore, the correct method is to wait until the condition completely gets well, and then stable or consolidated after stopping medicine, in order to prevent repeated illness.


👇Misunderstanding four:


Metal containers are used to store medicines. For convenience, some farmers often use metal containers to store salmosan azamethiphos. This practice is very unscientific. Because most of the fishery drugs are chemical substances, they are chemically unstable, and it is easy to chemically react with metal substances, causing changes in the composition and properties of the drugs, thereby reducing the efficacy or making the drugs ineffective. Therefore, it is best to store salmosan azamethiphos in a container made of ceramic, wood or plastic.


By the way


Aquaculture medicine is a common practice for disease prevention in aquaculture animals, and it is also a key link. Rational, standardized and scientific use of drugs are the best ways to improve the effect of medication.


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