General Information Of Cement Grinding Aid

December 31,2020

It is well known that along with the add-on of proper sort of grinding additive in a percentage to the cement clinker, it will certainly results in a finer ground product contrasted to grinding without an additive. Now, let's deeply know what is cement grinding aid.


Cement grinding aid is a chemical additive that improves the grinding effect and performance of cement. In the grinding process of cement clinker, adding a small amount of additional material (liquid or solid material) can significantly increase the output and performance of cement Age cement strength and improve its fluidity. As a chemical additive, grinding aids can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate hydration power, thereby increasing the early and late strength of cement.


1. The adsorption of grinding aid molecules on the particles reduces the surface energy of the particles or causes dislocation and migration of crystals near the surface layer, resulting in point or line defects, thereby reducing the strength and hardness of the particles, and promoting the generation and expansion of cracks.
2. The grinding aid reduces the viscosity of the mineral material and promotes the dispersion of the particles by adjusting the fluidity properties of the mineral material and the surface electrical properties of the particles, thereby improving the fluidity of the mineral material and preventing the particles from being in the grinding medium and the mill lining. Adhesion on the board and agglomeration between particles.

Composition Structure

Common cement grinding aids are liquid and powder (solid), which can significantly increase mill output, improve product quality, or reduce grinding power consumption. The cement grinding aid in the wet grinding process is also called: dispersant.

Cement Grinding Aid Composition

According to chemical structure classification, cement grinding aids can be divided into three types: polymeric organic salt grinding aids, polymeric inorganic salt grinding aids and composite compound grinding aids. Most of the cement grinding aid products used are organic surface active substances. Due to the high price of single-component grinding aids, the use effect is not very satisfactory, and compound compound grinding aids are widely used.

Powder (solid) cement grinding aid component

The components of powder (solid) cement grinding aids often include: sodium sulfate, industrial salt, fly ash, triethanolamine, powder grinding aid mother liquor, etc.

Liquid cement grinding aid components

The components of liquid cement grinding aids often include: liquid grinding aid mother liquor, triethanolamine, polymeric polyol, polymeric alcohol amine, triisopropanolamine, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerol, fatty acid sodium, calcium chloride , Sodium chloride, sodium acetate, aluminum sulfate, calcium formate, wood calcium, wood sodium, etc.