How to choose grinding aid for cement mill?

September 26,2021

Cement grinding aids have become one of the effective energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures in the cement grinding process. As a technology that is conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of cement companies, reducing emissions and reducing waste, almost all cement companies in industrially developed countries are using cement Grinding aids, we have already introduced some information about cement grinding aids before, so how should we choose China grinding aid for cement mill?


Factors to be considered


  1. Grinding aids have different adaptability to different clinkers, different mixed materials, and their respective different moistures.


  1. Whether the grinding aid has surplus capacity for different process grinding systems, different specifications of mills, and even auxiliary machines equipped with the system, its adaptability is different.


  1. The composition and content of the grinding aid directly affect the use effect of the grinding aid, too much or too little use will also affect its use effect.


  1. There are many factors that affect the adaptability of grinding aids, and it is impossible to consider it so comprehensively. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the test, trial and timely adjustment before and during use.


Choose grinding aid products from regular manufacturers


In addition to their own stable technology, advanced equipment, and well-management, large-scale cement companies also regard people's interests as their priority. Most of the cement produced by small and medium-sized cement companies is No. 32.5. Some small and medium-sized cement companies use low-cost grinding aids. When cement companies choose grinding aids, they must confirm the production license and product inspection certificate of the grinding aid manufacturer; whether the certificate issuing unit has passed the national certification qualification; whether the content of the inspection report is in accordance with the building materials industry standard JC/T667-2004 The requirements of the "Cement Grinding Aid" standard; this is the first condition to determine which grinding aid to choose. Whether the content of alkali and chloride ions in cement grinding aids and the amount of ammonia released are harmful to concrete; when choosing a grinding aid supplier, priority should be given to cooperation with grinding aid factories with scientific research, testing, and concrete test service capabilities. We must pay attention to the environmental protection quality of grinding aids, and don't be fooled by low prices.


The above is the method of choosing cement grinding aids. I hope this article can help everyone! If you need more information about cement grinding aids, welcome to call us!


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