How to prepare salmon sashimi dish for yourself?

October 09,2021

As the most popular traditional Japanese dish, salmon sashimi has been introduced to all over the world and be love by so much person. But it is really expensive to enjoy a salmon sashimi dish at restaurant, maybe we can try to prepare it at home.


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Steps of dealing with salmon 


👉The first thing is to select a fresh fish at the seafood market or supermarket. Be mind that it is important to pick a fresh salmon as it is less possible to find sea lice in salmon without cooking. Of course, we can’t make sure that this parasite won’t get along with fresh enough salmon.


👉The next step is to remove fish’s pin bones to avoid swallowing that bones. You can lay the fish flat and locate the pin bones. Once you locate the bones use your kitchen tweezers to grab the tip. Repeat these steps until remove all the bones.


👉And the finally step is to cut your salmon. The following are three ways to deal with fishes which could be named by Japanese.


  • Hira-zukuri


Hira-zukuri is the most common method of slicing sashimi and is best for tuna & salmon. To try this style, slightly angle the knife to the left, draw the knife towards the entire meat, and pull the knife towards your body. The goal is to cut the meat rectangularly with slices 2- to 3-mm thick.


  • Kaku-zukuri


Kaku-zukuri is another method where thinly sliced fish is cut using the tip of a sharp knife. Angle the knife to the left, slice through the fish using the blade’s tip, and cut slices about 1.5 – 2 cm thick.


  • Sogi Zukuri


If you want thinly sliced fish, then this method is for you. To try this method, position your knife and tilt it to a 45-degree angle. Then move the blade from right to left. Start cutting by moving the knife towards the left side to create the angle.


some tips of sauces


Now you can enjoy your delicious food with sauces you like. By the way it is necessary to remind that mustard, vinegar and soy sauce did nothing to kill sea lice. According to researches, sashimi only be soaked in mustard juice for 45-50 minutes did sea lice could be killed but the taste of soaked too long salmon won’t be good.


And if you want to reduce the risk of parasite you can put the fish to water in some days with high quality salmosan azamethiphos which is a a veterinary medicine prescribed by fish vets to treat sea lice. This could be kill sea lice effectively compared with soy sauce or vinegar.


If you really want to try this delicious dish and at the same time worry about the sea lice problem. You can consider to invest our invest high quality salmosan azamethiphos which could certainly make sure the food security. Any interested, please feel free to contact us.