Something you Should Know about Homemade Concrete Accelerator

October 27,2021

At present, there is no new material that can be compared with concrete in terms of wide application and economy. However, the performance of concrete materials is sometimes not very satisfactory. The concrete accelerator is very helpful to improve the performance of concrete. Let's take a look at some related introductions of concrete accelerators.


What is the Homemade Concrete Accelerator


high quality homemade concrete accelerator


Homemade concrete accelerator is a kind of hardener with certain permeability. The material contained in the concrete reinforcement is a highly active titanium fluoride material selected through special screening. It does not pollute the environment and is a very environmentally friendly material. It is a colorless and transparent liquid, non-toxic and non-flammable.


The homemade concrete accelerator has extremely low surface tension, can quickly penetrate into the concrete, and react with the by-products of cement hydration in the concrete to generate a large amount of silica gel, which can block the internal holes of the concrete , Thereby increasing the compactness, compressive strength, hardness and wear resistance of the concrete surface.


The Effect of the Homemade Concrete Accelerator


Set homemade concrete accelerators function by working as a driver for hydration responses. The items of hydration responses continually collect, and the responses continue till either every one of the cement or all of the water in the mix has actually been tired. However, the items of hydration responses can also border unhydrated concrete bits and produce a barrier for the unreacted cement to come touching water. Chloride- and salt-based accelerators damage the obstacle produced by these products and permit certain substances in cement to moisten, speeding up the hydration procedure. Accelerators consisting of triethanolamines act upon a various substance in the cement and also increase the rate at which the reactions accompany that compound. Triethanolamines can additionally urge ettringite formation.


The Advantages of Homemade Concrete Accelerator


  • Dust-proof


The inherent quality defect of the low strength of the surface of the concrete ground is prone to wear and dust due to frequent traffic. This injustice will generate a lot of dust and cause great harm to the safety of people and forklifts. It is a common problem in the industrial field.


The homemade concrete accelerator can eliminate the dust in the concrete in two steps and improve the durability of the concrete floor.


  • Wearable


The concrete accelerator can eliminate the loose material in the concrete, increase the density of the surface layer and improve the strength and wear resistance of the concrete. Compressive strength and wear resistance can be increased by more than 40%.


  • Good sealing


The hard insoluble matter generated by the reaction of the concrete accelerator can fill and block the pores in the concrete to produce a dense surface layer, which can improve the impermeability of the concrete.


In short, making full use of the advantages of high-quality homemade concrete accelerators can help us improve the performance of concrete. If you are looking for a reliable high quality homemade concrete accelerator exporter, we will be your best choice. LUCKY STONE is one of leading manufacturer of non-ionic surfactants located in Ningbo. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.