Something you must know about aquaculture

September 27,2021

In aquaculture, sea lice are often the main pest that plagues many farmers. Therefore, the use of high quality salmosan azamethiphos is often the main method of pest control. However, due to the lack of scientific and standardized medication knowledge and the misconceptions arising from the use of medication based on experience, many methods are unreasonable, resulting in various problems and large economic losses. After reading this article, hopefully it will be helpful to your aquaculture.



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Problems and solutions in the process of breeding



👉Do not consider the impact of water quality when medication



The medicines used in aquaculture, such as high quality salmosan azamethiphos, enter the water firstly, and then come into contact with the fish or others. The quality of water, various substances in the water body, and physical, chemical, and biological factors, such as water temperature, will all have a direct impact on the effect of medicine. Such as the thickness of the silt and the content of organic matter in the silt will reduce the efficacy of the medicine;



In addition, the physique of fish itself is poor, and the medicine itself has a certain toxic effect. If it is used in aquaculture waters containing heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances, or if the dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture waters is too low, it will bring certain hazards to the safety of the farmed animals, it will be exacerbate security risks. Therefore, we must comprehensively consider the water quality in the medication. The non-fertilizing pond should appropriately reduce the dosage, while the fertilizing fish ponds can appropriately increase the dosage. The medicine must not be used when the pond water is hypoxic.



👉The real cause of fish disease was not considered when medication



At present, the diseases that have the greatest impact on farmed fish include parasites and bacterial diseases. There are a variety of pathogenic bacteria and parasites in the aquaculture water, and these pathogenic microorganisms and parasites always exist, but they do not necessarily cause fish disease. When the fish body has a strong protection system and immune function, the water quality of the farm is normal, and the fish are not mechanically damaged, they will generally not be infected.



Therefore, most bacterial diseases are caused by parasites. Similarly, once a parasitic disease occurs, the wounds that resulted by parasite are often infected with pathogenic bacteria, causing secondary bacterial diseases. Therefore, when using medicine, it is recommended to find out the real cause of fish disease firstly. When it is determined that there is no parasite, you can only use bactericidal and antibacterial drugs for treatment. If the diseased pond has not used parasite-killing drugs for a long time, It is recommended to carry out an insecticidal treatment firstly, and then use bactericidal drugs.



👉No water restoration after medication



The fungicides we generally use are chlorine preparations, bromine preparations, glutaraldehyde, etc.These fungicides have two characteristics, namely, broad spectrum and short residual time. Therefore, when these disinfectants are used, they will kill the beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria at the same time, after 3 to 5 days of medication, these drugs evaporate, and various bacteria begin to multiply.



If the water is not changed, the pathogenic bacteria may be dominant due to environmental and weather reasons. This is why the fish will get sick again within a few days after taking the medicine. Therefore, water body repair should be carried out after medication, and the reproduction and breeding of pathogenic bacteria should be controlled by changing the water.



In conclusion



From above content, we know, it is very difficult to run a seafood farm well, a great deal of energy and labor must be put into it, certainly, good care is also available. We are professional textile and daily-used chemicals manufacturer, if you want to wholesale high quality salmosan azamethiphos, or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.




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