The Best Cement Grinding Aid in China

October 09,2021

We are very familiar with cement, because many construction projects will use it, but many people are not very familiar with cement grinding aids. Today, this passage will mainly talk about cement grinding aids. After reading this passage, you will get some idea.


The Introduction of Cement Grinding Aid


the Best China Cement Grinding Aid

Cement grinding aid is a chemical additive that improves the grinding effect and performance of cement. It can significantly increase the output of cement benches, the strength of cement at various ages, and improve its fluidity.


Cement grinding aids can greatly reduce the electrostatic phenomenon formed during the grinding process, and can reduce the tendency of re-agglomeration of the ultrafine particles formed during the grinding process. Cement grinding aids can also significantly improve the fluidity of cement, improve the grinding effect of the mill and the efficiency of the powder separator, thereby reducing the energy consumption of grinding.


The cement produced by the use of grinding aids has a lower tendency to compaction and coalescence, which facilitates the loading and unloading of cement and can reduce the wall hanging phenomenon of cement warehouses. As a chemical additive, grinding aids can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate hydration power, thereby increasing the early and late strength of cement.


How Does the Cement Grinding Aid Work


The adsorption of the grinding aid molecules on the particles reduces the surface energy of the particles or causes the dislocation migration of the crystals, thereby reducing the strength and hardness of the particles, and promoting the generation and expansion of cracks.


The cement grinding aid reduces the viscosity of the mineral material and promotes the dispersion of the particles by adjusting the fluidity properties of the mineral material and the surface electrical properties of the particles, thereby improving the flowability of the mineral material and preventing the adhesion of the particles in the grinding medium.


The Composition Structure of Cement Grinding Aid


Common cement grinding aids are liquid and powder, which can significantly increase mill output, improve product quality, or reduce grinding power consumption.


Cement grinding aid component


According to chemical structure classification, cement grinding aids can be divided into three types: polymeric organic salt grinding aids, polymeric inorganic salt grinding aids and composite compound grinding aids.


Most of the cement grinding aid products used are organic surface active substances. Due to the high price of single-component grinding aids, the use effect is not very satisfactory, and the compound compound grinding aids are widely used.


Powder (solid) cement grinding aid component


The components of powder (solid) cement grinding aids often include: sodium sulfate, industrial salt, fly ash, triethanolamine, etc.


Liquid cement grinding aid component


The components of liquid cement grinding aids often include: triethanolamine, polymeric polyol, polyalcoholamine, triisopropanolamine, ethylene glycol, fatty acid sodium, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, etc.


Cement grinding aids are well known for their capability to enhance cement mill productivity, and also the mechanical stamina of mortar and also concrete. If you want to find high-quality cement grinding aid, welcome to contact us. We are the China cement grinding aid supplier.