The current situations of China cement grinding aid

September 14,2021

China cement grinding aid


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Cement grind aids have become one of the effective energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures in the cement grinding process. As a technology that helps cement companies improve quality and efficiency, reduce emissions and reduce waste, almost all cement companies in industrially developed countries are using grinding aids.


For example, whether it’s a bathroom equipped with a ceramics decorate art basin, a living room equipped with modular sofa, a kitchen equipped with a coffee portafilter delonghi, or a utility room equipped with anti-rodent cable and a UPS for critical loads 120 kVA, or a workshop equipped with injection molding machine for petri dish, all the mentioned space is isolated by walls that are made from cement. In other words, all these spaces is inseparable from cement. As the demand for cement increases, grinding aids have become an indispensable element.


However, the usage of cement grind aids in our country is still not ideal. The reason is not unrelated to the following points:


👉Because the processingconditions of various cement companies are very different, after adding the grinding aid, the grinding aid can not fully play its role, so the effect can not reach the customer's expected goal, resulting in the enterprise's economic benefit is not obvious.


The cement grind aid has a very sensitive adaptability, whose composition, content, and dosage will affect the use effect. The adaptability of grinding aids to cement of different enterprises and different types of cement is different, and the adaptability to different clinker, different mixed materials and moisture of different materials is different, and it is adapted to different specifications of mills. The performance is also different, and the components and dosage of cement grinding aids should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of different customers.


👉Some small and medium-sized cement companies, especially the grinding factories, have purchased clinker from outsourcing. The internal quality of the purchased clinker is unstable and cannot be well homogenized. In addition, the quality of the slag entering the plant is uneven. Without drying conditions, these all directly affect the use effect of the grinding aid.


After using the grinding aids, the use of materials should be balanced and stable, the process equipment should be kept in good condition, and the process and technical parameters should be adjusted in a timely and appropriate manner. Only a reasonable balance of output at the time can give full play to the effectiveness of the grinding aid.


👉After the use of grinding aids, the output of the mill may be increased, but some equipment of cement companies is obviously insufficient in operation capacity, such as the ultra-high current of the powder separatorand the insufficient capacity of the grinding hoist etc., these factors may restrict the use effect of grinding aids.


After using the grinding aid, it is required that the material ratio, metering, and feeding amount be accurate and stable, the auxiliary equipment must have a certain surplus capacity, and the ventilation and sealing of the system must be maintained in good condition. The flow rate of the material in the mill is usually increased. The ventilation rate of the mill and the gradation and loading of the grinding body of each bin can be adjusted appropriately to control the flow rate of the material at a reasonable level.


👉After using the grinding aid, the fineness (sieve residue or specific surface area) index of the grinding cement is unreasonable, and these control indexes have not been adjusted in time.


After the use of grinding aids, the grinding conditions in the mill will change, and the correlation between the fineness of the grinding cement and the particle gradation and the correlation with the physical properties of the cement will change, too. The fineness control index needs to be changed according to changes in physical properties are re-determined.


👉It should be particularly emphasized that the quality of grinding aid products is not only in the product itself, but its technical service level is also an important part of product quality. High-quality service level, good service attitude, and friendly communication environment are the prerequisites for users to use grinding aids, and this is precisely where the grinding aid industry needs to be perfected.


For the quality of cement grinding aids, technical services account for a large proportion. Grinding aid merchants can only achieve the ideal use effect by providing them with "timely adapted grinding aid products + comprehensive technical services" according to their respective technological characteristics, and making timely adjustments according to their changes.


👉It must be pointed out that the grinding aid is not a "lazy" technology. Only more experiments can ensure its adaptability and achieve the best results. In order to obtain greater benefits of grinding aids, users must actively cooperate and assist with grinding aid merchants, because grinding aids have high requirements for adaptability, understanding of the adaptation target, and service Those who are not all grinding experts will not be on the scene all the time, and the service providers cannot surpass the users.


The use benefit of grinding aid = the quality benefit of grinding aid + the service benefit of grinding aid + the benefit of user cooperation.


👉In today's severe oversupply in the cement market, users have really become our gods, and the interests of users must be considered when using grinding aids.


It should be noted that most cement users do not welcome the use of grinding aids in cement, let alone those with high harmful ingredients.


  • Most small amount of grinding aids (≤0.1%): alcohol amine compound + water reducing agent + enhancer + other


  • Most large amount of grinding aids (0.1%~3%): alcohol amine compounds + alkaline activator + other


Most alkaline activators use industrial salt (NaCl, Na2SO4), caustic soda (NaOH), barium chloride and other waste materials or waste mines. The harmful components such as K, Na, Cl- are obviously higher, and the water demand of cement, concrete The workability and compatibility of concrete admixtures have a greater impact. These problems will affect the vital interests of users.


Therefore, when cement companies use grinding aids as an efficiency measure, they must be appropriate and take into account the interests of users.