What’s Alkyl Polyglucoside Surfactant?

October 26,2021

Alkyl polyglycosides (APGs) refers to a kind of non-ionic surfactant widely used in cosmetic, household, and industrial industries. They are belonging to natural non-ionic surfactant, extracted from renewable, natural raw materials, such as vegetable oils and starch. we are going to deep into the world of alkyl polyglucoside surfactants.


alkyl polyglucoside surfactants


The definition of alkyl polyglucoside surfactants


Alkyl glycoside (APG) is a kind of nonionic surfactant, It is a new type of nonionic surfactant directly synthesized from natural glucose and natural fatty alcohol in one step. It has the characteristics of ordinary nonionic and anionic surfactants, has high surface activity, good ecological safety and miscibility, and is internationally recognized as a "green" functional surfactant.


The benefits of alkyl polyglucoside surfactants


APG has low surface tension, no cloud point, adjustable HLB value, strong wetting power, strong detergency, rich and delicate foam and strong compatibility.


APG is non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating, biodegradable, very mild to human body, and can significantly improve the mildness of the formula system.


American Petroleum Institute can be compounded with any type of surfactant, and the synergistic effect is obvious. The product has remarkable thickening effect, easy dilution, no gel phenomenon and convenient use.


APG is resistant to strong alkali, strong acid, hard water and salt. When used in liquid detergent system, the addition amount of detergent aids can be obviously increased and adjusted, and the washing effect can be improved.


The application of alkyl polyglucoside surfactants

APG can be widely used in shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, tableware detergent, vegetable and fruit detergent and other civil washing products; It is also the main raw material of cosmetics.It is also used in synthetic detergents such as soap powder, phosphorus-free detergent and phosphorus-free detergent. It is an ideal raw material for industrial hard surface cleaning, pesticide emulsification and synergistic dispersion; It can also be used in many fields such as food, insecticide, agricultural film antifogging agent, plastic additive, medicine, bioengineering, fire fighting agent, textile additive, coating, photosensitive material, leather making, oil recovery, mineral processing, rubber and plastic, energy and so on.


alkyl polyglucoside surfactants


Technical index






Yellowish liquid, white paste at low temperature

Slight yellowish liquid

Alkyl carbon number



active matter content



Sugar degree of polymerization



Residual fatty alcohol



PH value



inorganic salt



Recommended use area

1.Shampoos and body washes and cosmetics

2.dish washing detergent
3.industrial detergent 

1.pesticide adjuvant
2.All kinds of hard surface detergent

3.industrial detergent


The way of Packaging, transport and Storage


Alkyl polyglucoside surfactants are generally packed in plastic drum, the standard net weight of each barrel is 200KG; Also according to the manufacturer's requirements for packaging.


Alkyl polyglucoside surfactants are usually stored at room temperature, storage period of one year, low temperature crystallization is normal, does not affect the quality of the product, heating and stirring evenly can be used.


Alkyl polyglucoside surfactants are non - dangerous goods, so they could be transported according to the general chemical transport.


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