What’s Concrete Accelerator?

October 25,2021

Concrete accelerator, also well known as cement accelerator, refers to an admixture for the use in concrete, screeds, rendering or mortar. And today we are going to learn more about concrete accelerator from the definition of concrete accelerator to how it works.


China homemade concrete accelerator


The definition of concrete accelerator


Cement accelerator is produced because of the more and more extensive use of cement concrete, and it has been continuously developed and improved in recent years. When cement accelerator is used in sprayed concrete, it can improve the speed and thickness of sprayed concrete, and also increase the strength. The rebound situation will be much less. Concrete with cement accelerator will set rapidly after spraying.


There are two kinds of cement accelerators sold in the market, one is powder and the other is liquid, and their main components can be divided into many kinds. This is according to the need to mix different concrete and different use location, we need to look at the composition of accelerator when buying, is it what we need.


Working principle of cement accelerator


When cement accelerator is added to cement concrete, cement and sodium carbonate will react with gypsum in cement quickly in alkaline liquid, so gypsum has no retarding effect of itself. Many crystals will be formed in it, and the concrete will achieve the effect of rapid solidification.


The characteristics of cement accelerator


  1. Cement accelerator does no harm to cement itself, and it will increase the service time of cement.
  2. During early solidification, cement accelerator will increase the hardness of cement.
  3. The cement with accelerator will start to set within 5 minutes of spraying, and will set completely within 10 minutes.
  4. The cement accelerator will also prevent the retraction of cement and improve the anti-penetration ability of cement.
  5. The viscosity of cement with cement accelerator will be higher.
  6. Cement accelerator is harmless to human body itself, and has no corrosive effect on steel bars used in engineering.
  7. The price of cement accelerator is relatively low.


What problems should be paid attention to when using cement accelerator?


  1. Do not add cement accelerator when mixing cement and materials, because there is a lot of sand in it when mixing. There is a lot of water in them, and cement accelerator has a certain water absorption effect. If poured in at this time, the accelerator will be decomposed, and the accelerator effect will be greatly reduced when sprayed out.
  2. Before using cement accelerator, it is necessary to experiment the ratio of cement and accelerator to achieve the best effect.
  3. It is best to add cement accelerator at the outlet of sprayer, so that the cement accelerator has the best effect.
  4. When using hydraulic accelerator, the flow meter can be used to assist in measuring the flow rate of accelerator.
  5. Cement accelerator can’t be stored for a long time. If it is found to have expired, it can’t be used. Of course, concrete accelerator that does not meet the standard cannot be used. When stored, it should be placed in a cool and dry position to prevent deterioration due to damp.


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