What is the Salmosan Azamethiphos

September 24,2021

Azamethiphos is an organothiophosphate insecticide. It is a veterinary drug used in salmon fish farming to control parasites. salmosan azamethiphos is a veterinary medicine prescribed by fish vets to treat sea lice. But most of us don’t know much about it. Today, this passage will lead us to learn more about the salmosan azamethiphos.


almosan methamidophos


The Working Principle of Salmosan Azamethiphos


The product functions by anticholinesterase activity, inhibiting nerve signal transmission in the sea lice causing paralysis as well as their removal. Salmosan azamethiphos is soluble in water, meaning that it breaks down in a matter of days after launch and produces safe improvement items. 


The Purpose of Salmosan Azamethiphos


China is a large country in the production and use of pesticides. On the one hand, pesticides can effectively prevent pests and diseases. On the other hand, due to improper management and use, they can easily cause human and animal poisoning and environmental pollution.


Salmosan methamidophos, a highly systemic organic phosphorus insecticide with both contact and stomach toxicity, is suitable for vegetables, tea trees, tobacco, fruit trees, cotton, rice, wheat, rape and other crops. When using salmosan methamidophos, it should be evenly sprayed on the surface of the plant to improve the efficacy; at the same time, the user should wear protective equipment when applying the drug, stand upwind, and avoid accidentally inhaling the mouth and nose during use. It must be cleaned in time after use, otherwise it will cause different degrees of poisoning.


Salmosan methamidophos has certain control effects on aphids, mites, rice leafhoppers and rice planthoppers. It can also be used to control cotton bollworms, armyworms, rice borers, rice leaf rollers, mole crickets, grubs and other underground pests.


Precautions for the Use of Salmosan Azamethiphos


  • Use the salmosan methamidophos during sunny days and high temperatures. Because pests have more food intake and breathing intensity than cold weather when the temperature is high in winter and the liquid medicine is sprayed on the body of the pests, more drugs are taken into the body, which is conducive to the poisoning effect.


  • Increase the amount of medicine appropriately. The pesticide lethal amount of pests is not constant. The lower the temperature at normal temperature, the lower the lethal dose of pests. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the dosage in winter to prevent pests from dying after taking medicine. Farmers can determine the dosage according to the temperature, but generally it does not exceed 50% of the conventional dosage. When applying pesticides in winter, add water strictly according to the dilution ratio, and do not increase or decrease the amount of water arbitrarily.


  • Reasonably select high quality salmosan methamidophos that suits winter application. For example, low temperature will obviously affect the insecticidal effects of enemy killing, dichlorvos, dimethoate, and methamidophos. Insecticides used in the low temperature season in winter take much longer to show the effect than the high temperature application. Therefore, you must wait patiently after applying the medicine. As long as the medicine is sprayed in place, there is generally no need for a new spray.


  • Extend the safety interval of crops. When salmosan methamidophosare applied in winter, the degradation rate of pesticides slows down, and the residue recommendation period of pesticides in crops is relatively prolonged. When preventing and controlling vegetable crop pests and diseases in winter, special attention should be paid to extending the safety interval of pesticides to ensure human health.


In short, salmosan methamidophos is of great help in agriculture, but we must be careful when choosing and using it. We are the supplier of salmosan methamidophos, and the salmosan azamethiphos price is reasonable. Any interests, welcome to contact us.