What need to know about cement grinding aids?

October 09,2021

Today, we can't live without reinforced concrete. It reflects the fact that the concrete is extremely important to us. It is not difficult to imagine that cement, which is one of the main raw materials for concrete, must be consumed in huge amounts. Due to the high energy consumption of cement production, subsequent products are prone to produce a large amount of industrial waste. Therefore, in order to achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the cement industry, it is necessary to use China cement grinding aids.



China cement grinding aid


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Why is cement grinding aids important and practical?


The traditional typical cement production process can be summarized as two grinding and one firing, specifically including the preparation of raw meal, the calcination of clinker, the grinding and packaging of cement and etc. In the cement production process, grinding is a very important link, but it is also a link where energy consumption is high. The energy conversion rate of the ball mill is low. About 97% of the electrical energy is converted into ineffective heat, noise energy and other forms of energy, which are lost in vain. Only a small part of the electrical energy is converted into the surface energy of the material, which increases the specific surface area of the material. Therefore, cement energy saving must start with improving the clinker grinding process conditions.


There are two ways to improve energy utilization by improving process conditions:


1️⃣The first is to change the original production process, such as replacing the open-circuit grinding system with a closed-circuit grinding system, and preferentially adopting the loop ball milling process with high-efficiency classifiers, etc.;


2️⃣The second is to increase the grinding efficiency by adding a small amount of a chemical substance that has no effect on the performance of cement and its subsequent products without changing the production process and equipment. This chemical substances are called cement grinding aids.


Compared with changing the production process, the application of cement grinding aids hardly need to increase any investment in fixed assets. After directly mixing, the economic benefits are considerable.


Classifications of cement grinding aids


There are many classification methods of grinding aids, which can be divided into figure, liquid and gas according to the state of use. The grinding aids used in the cement industry are mainly solid (such as graphite) and liquid. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 


  • The composition of the liquid grinding aid is uniform, it is evenly dispersed in the cement clinker, and the addition amount is small, generally 0.3% to 1%. Therefore, the cost of producing a ton of cement is low;


  • Thecomposition of solid grinding aids is more difficult to control, the dispersion in cement clinker is not as uniform as liquid, and the addition amount is larger than that of liquid, generally 1% to 5%. The resulting tons brought in costs are also higher. However, part of the raw materials of national grinding aids can be derived from industrial waste, so the production of solid grinding aids is also equivalent to the recycling of industrial waste, which is converted into cement again.


Grinding aids can be divided into composite grinding aids and single-component grinding aids according to their composition.


  • Single-component grinding aids are now commonly used in laboratory analysis of the grinding aid performance of certain single-component materials.


  • Compound grinding aids also include compound type and synthetic type, with rich functional groups. They are often used in industrial production and have good effects.


Final words


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